Chocolate Cookies, with their attractive rich cacao flavor, come in a variety of shapes such as bars, truffles, and cookies, and are popular among chocolate lovers of all ages. The velvety texture and sweet taste guarantee a delicious experience even for those with a sweet tooth.

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Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Chocolate Dark Compound (25 %)[Sugar, Edible Vegetable Fat(Hydrogenated), Cocoa Solids & Emulsifier (Ins 322 & Ins 476), Contains Added Artifical Flavour – Vanilla]Sugar, Butter Yellow (6 %), Edible Vegetable Fat [Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat – Palm Oil, Palmolein & Palm Kernel Oil], Humectant (Ins422), Cocoa Solids (1.9 %), Invert Syrup, Raising Agents (Ins 500(Ii)), Iodised Salt, Emulsifier (Ins 472(E), Antioxidant (Ins300), Acidity Regulator (Ins 450(I)).